A Kensington native reconnects to his roots: Part II

And lastly, are there any reflections you have from today’s experience in returning to Cramp and looking back on being a student, finding your artistic voice and your journey to where you are now?

It was truly moving to be back at the school that sparked my passion in the arts.  I kept thinking of my fourth grade teacher Ms. Creighton and how she engaged us and inspired us to be the best we can be.  She would use the arts at every given moment to support what she was teaching and it mesmerized us, or at least me. She knew that some of us learned better this way. 

I excelled academically, and it was almost like she knew that I needed the guidance, so she helped me identify and give language to what would become my life-long passion.  She ultimately changed my life.  I remember her placing me in a dance during the Cinco de Mayo celebration and that was it!  I was hooked.

Today watching the students sing songs that they created with such passion and pride choked me up a bit, because I saw myself in them and I know that for some, if not all of those students, their lives will be changed forever.

Thank you so much for having Gabby and I join you and the staff at Cramp today.  Beginning my morning in such a positive place of reflection was a perfect way to spend my 44th birthday.  
José Avilés
Director of Education
Taller Puertorriqueño, Inc.