Baldi Jazz Band Plays at the Barnes

On Tuesday, Baldi Middle School's jazz band performed at the Opening Ceremony of the Crossing Boundaries program at the new Barnes Foundation on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

The students, who play bass, saxophone, drums, oboe and guitar, among other instruments, showcased their enormous talent, while their enthusiasm and thoughtful reflection on the experience drove home the importance of arts education.

Watch an excerpt of the performance here.

The Crossing Boundaries outreach program is the product of a partnership between the Barnes Foundation and PECO, designed to carry out the mission of Dr. Barnes to make art accessible to all.  Among the ArtsRising schools participating in the program are Baldi, Beeber, Feltonville, Stetson, Wagner and Harding middle schools.  ArtsRising is excited about the enrichment this program will bring to these and other schools throughout the city. 

ArtsRising and the Philadelphia Education Fund are proud of the Baldi jazz band and the contribution it made to this important event. These kinds of experiences have strong impact on youth, as Dr. Creedon mentions in the video above, “We remember the day we had the lead in the play, the solo in the choir.  Arts education in Philadelphia public schools has an extremely long history and is part of the core of who we are.”   This day strengthened this core, bringing together the arts, education and business communities to build momentum for the Crossing Boundaries program and for arts education in Philadelphia.