Permanent traveling student art exhibit in Kensington debuts at AMLA recital

The Kensington Traveling Youth Art Exhibit is officially on tour!  It is installed currently in the shared space at 191 W. Hunting Park Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19140.

Alice from AMLA Latin School for the Performing Arts invited the exhibit to be displayed as part of their spring recital tomorrow evening (Friday at 7 PM). 

Thanks also go out to AMLA student Naiomy Diaz-Pagan for assisting in the installation and to Jonathan Centeno & Company at In the Light Ministries for allowing us to hang the work in their shared hallway space.

Of course, this exhibit would not have been possible without the contributions of the initial partners involved:

•         Kimberley Gavin of Cramp Elementary School
•         Mary Pat Coyle of Stetson Charter School
•         Dora Viacava of Taller Puertorriqueno
•         Angela Jubinville of Goodlands – Centro Nueva Creacion
•         Artist Marilyn Rodriguez
•         T. Martin of Martin Picturesque

And special thanks to David Mills & Students of the Edison High School – Ink Well Design & Print for the excellent post-production work.

This effort was literally created from tip-to-tail by our youth, so congratulations to the students and those of you who work with them every day to give them the tools to be creative and shine!

This project would not have been possible without the financial support of the Kensington EPIC Stakeholders group, facilitated by ASPIRA and Ricardo Calderon.

We are open to having this exhibit travel to other sites in the Greater Kensington area.  Please contact Ambrose Liu at 215-665-1400 ext. 3355 or to share any invitations or recommendations.