Students add a splash of color to Harding Middle School

Students at Harding Middle School recently added a splash of color to their school and community. Earlier this month, three vibrant student-created banners were hung on the front of the school, representing the 3 A's: academic, athletics and arts.

On Friday, February 24, the community came together for a banner dedication ceremony at the school. Speakers included Harding Principal Michael Calderone, ArtsRising Director Varissa McMickens, ArtsZone Coordinator Ambrose Liu and Semilla Arts Initiative Founder/Director Betsy Casanas.

Semilla Arts Initiative uses art as a catalyst for social change and came into the school to teach the students the skills to create these beautiful banners. Betsy spoke about how she will continue the beautification process at Harding and "to really show the kids how strong and powerful their voices are today and what an impact they can make on their community."

Varissa explained how the project started and the role that ArtsRising plays. "The students had dreams of their own, the community had dreams itself beyond the school walls... and a lot of that had to do with beautifying the community. It was about taking the creative energy and ideas the students have and pulling those together to not only enrich what happens every day inside classrooms, but show how arts can really transform communities."

Watch the video of the ceremony below and get inspired!

> Harding Middle School Banner Dedication Ceremony