Children’s Privacy Policy

We are dedicated to protecting your child’s online privacy with respect to our handling of any personal information we may collect.  This Policy is provided below to explain (1) the types of personally identifiable information we may collect with respect to children under the age of 13; (2) how we use the personally identifiable information; (3) how we notify parents that a child’s personally identifiable information has been provided, and; (4) how parents can restrict their child’s future participation with the ArtsRising website (the “Website”).

1.  Types of Personally Identifiable Information

Children under the age of 13 are free to access the Website without any personal information being collected, aside from those passive means of collecting non-identifiable information outlined in the ArtsRising Privacy Policy.  The Website permits children to supply us with their first name, last name, age, and their e-mail address on a fill-in browser form for the purpose of subscribing to our newsletter or receiving other information about ArtsRising or its affiliates via e-mail.  Additionally, if a child indicates that he or she is under the age of 13, the child will be required to provide an e-mail address for a parent or a guardian (the term “Parent” used hereinafter is to be inclusive of legal guardians). 

2.  How we use the Personally Identifiable Information

Personally identifiable information collected from a child under the age of 13 is strictly used for internal purposes and never shared with parties not related to ArtsRising or its affiliates, except as may be required to comply with the law, to enforce our Terms of Service, our Privacy Policy, or to protect the safety and security of our Website and its visitors.  The child’s first and last name are used to send personalized correspondence and/or newsletters via the provided e-mail address to the child with respect to ArtsRising activities and ArtsRising affiliates.  The child’s stated age is used to permit us to comply with this policy.

3.  How We Notify Parents that a Child’s Personally Identifiable Information has been Provided

If a child indicates that he or she is under the age of 13, the child will be asked to provide the e-mail address for a Parent during their registration process.  We will then send an e-mail to the Parent at the given address to notify the Parent of their child’s desire to receive e-mail correspondence and newsletters from ArtsRising, along with a link to this Policy.  If an e-mail sent to a Parent is returned as undeliverable, we will not permit the child to receive subsequent newsletters or correspondence and we will delete the child from our mailing list so as to prevent the child from receiving subsequent e-mail from ArtsRising.

4.  How Parents Can Restrict their Child’s Future Participation with the ArtsRising Website

Parents can request that their child’s personal information be deleted by the Website operator so that children will not receive subsequent newsletters or correspondence.  Such requests can be sent via mail to ArtsRising, c/o The Philadelphia Education Fund, 1709 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Suite 700, Philadelphia, PA 19103.  Upon receipt of such request, ArtsRising will delete a child’s personal information and remove him or her from any ArtsRising mailing lists.  After a child’s personal information is deleted, he or she will remain free to visit the Website and may elect to provide their personally identifiable information again, thereby restarting the notification procedures referenced herein.

We may amend this Policy at any time.  We will provide notice on the Website and to parents via e-mail if there are any material changes in the way we intend to collect, use and/or share personal information on the Website.  Parents are asked to provide us with their current e-mail address at all times.  Parents are also advised to review our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy for additional information pertaining to our Website.

The name and contact information of the Website operator collecting and maintaining personal information collected in conformity with this policy is as follows:

The Philadelphia Education Fund
1709 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Suite 700
Philadelphia, PA 19103